The Duckwater Shoshone Tribe is located in beautiful Railroad Valley, a remote, high desert valley in the very northern tip of Nye County. The Tribe is primarily an agricultural community, drawing water from the largest geothermal hot spring located in the State of Nevada. This same hot spring aka the Big Warm Spring is home to the threatened species of the Railroad Valley Spring Fish. The Tribe has done mitigation to the critical habitat for the Railroad Valley Spring Fish in and near the Big Warm Spring; however, the swimming hole is still open to public use.

The Tribe is governed by a five-member Tribal Council and offers many services for the members. The tribal administration office is located near the elementary (K-8) school, daycare, gymnasium, health center including a five day per week clinic and natural resources division offices all located on Duckwater Falls Road. The Duckwater Economic Development Corporation is also located in this business center of the reservation which operates several trucks hauling ore and lime for various mines in northeastern Nevada and a small convenience store.

Other services located in or near the housing subdivision of the Reservation are senior services, law enforcement and court, housing and planning. Those office will be found on Newe Street, First and Second Streets. We just recently completed installation of power, water and sewer to five RV sites near the Housing office which are available by day, week or monthly rental rates. We are soon going to have a small laundromat in Duckwater.

In Shoshone myths and Legends it addresses the sky being the bluest ever seen. The sun rises over the mountain know as Esha Goyoi (Wolf Peak). The shield with the trades cloth and feathers trailing, honors our past, protects our heritage.